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    Aimee Nolte is originally from Weaverville, CA. Aimee started playing piano and singing at age 5 and began playing professionally at age 14. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a music degree and emphasis in jazz in 1998. For the next couple of years, Aimee resided in New York City before moving to the LA area in 2001 where she now resides and is the happy mother of 4 children.
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    She continues to play and sing regularly all over Los Angeles County. January, 2006 marked the release of her first album, “Up Til Now”. She sings, plays piano and harmonica, and wrote and produced all of the tracks on the album.
    In 2010, Aimee released her second album with her longtime guitarist, Hideaki Tokunaga, entitled, "Just Us". Aimee composed 7 of the CD's 11 tracks, and co-wrote 2.
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    Aimee has had the opportunity to perform in the past with greats such as John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Ken Peplowski, Frank Vignola, Lenny White, and most recently, the Aimee Nolte Trio (with Mike Scott and Roger Shew), and her duo, "Skirt & Suit (with Joshua Payne on guitar) with regular gigs around the LA area.

There Is No Greater Love!

Mess With The Time. Don't Let The Time MESS YOU

This is a little demonstration video, using "There Is No Greater Love" (Isham Jones/Marty Symes) to launch us into my next video with nearly the same title, when we will analyze and break down what I have done and talk about how to apply these techniques to your own playing. Congrats to Katie Ward who transcribed two choruses and sent it to me! Three pages PDF is now available! She is getting a free Skype lesson with me. Katie Ward you are really cool! Thank you!

Purchase the worksheet from the video [5.00 $]

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Play Along With Aimee: Green Dolphin & Someday My Prince

Play Along With Aimee: Green Dolphin & Someday My Prince [MP3]

Ever wish I would just keep quiet and play? Ha! Today is your lucky day. "I Accompany You" is a new series where I give you a chance to play while I take a back seat and provide you with a play along. It's also a chance to video yourself playing along with me and send it in for a chance to be in my "I Accompany You | Submissions" video soon!

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (On Green Dolphin Street - Eb (accompaniment).mp3)On Green Dolphin StreetPiano accompaniment6773 kB
Download this file (Someday My Prince Will Come - Bb (accompaniment).mp3)Someday My Prince Will ComePiano accompaniment7440 kB

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Aimee Nolte performs in duos, trios, and big bands as a jazz pianist and singer. Live performances



Up Till Now - 2005
Just Us - 2010 by Aimee Nolte & Hideaki Tokunaga