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How To Know What Key To Sing Songs In

How To Know What Key To Sing Songs In

Many singers show up to auditions or jam sessions and have no idea which key they sing their song in. This is unacceptable., and is easily remedied. Let me teach you how to choose your key, so this situation stops happening. If you'd like to support me, you can do so at this link:

How to play by ear

How to play by hear

If you've ever wondered how to get away from sheet music, and play by ear, this is the spot for you! Get away from that written music. It's holding you back! There's a whole world of melodies and harmonies for you discover, and they are already IN YOUR HEAD! Learn how to transfer them to your fingers.

Melodies, Transposing, And National Anthem Disasters

Melodies, Transposing, And National Anthem Disasters

Changing keys in the middle of The Star Spangled Banner by accident = BAD. Knowing how to play melodies by ear and transpose them on the spot = GOOD, DESIRABLE, and all around SWEEEEET.

My (Not So) Top Secret (Anymore) Practice Method: Point & Sing

Singers AND instrumentalists: I don't want you to sound like a robot when you improvise. Let's get you sounding like a thoughtful, feeling person, who can hear their way through changes without having to memorize patterns. I want to make HONEST musicians out of you. Point & Sing is the best way I know of to accomplish that!

Never Get Lost In The Form Again

Never Get Lost In The Form Again

Ever find yourself completely struggling...gasping for air as you desperately listen with all of your might to figure out which bar you are on? You solo, chorus after chorus, never knowing when to stop because you have NO idea where the top of the form is? Watch this.

Why It's Important To REALLY Learn The Melody

Why It's Important To REALLY Learn The Melody

When you are learning a new jazz tune, it's imperative to get the melody right. To learn it the right way. What is the right way? How do you know that? Let me tell you.



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