A New Jazz Accompaniment Style For You

It's not really NEW, but it might be new to YOU. A contemporary rhythmic addition to your playing; the all-syncopated straight 8th style which originates from the Brazilian Polka style of guitar playing. Have fun with it and let me know if it was helpful to you!

Aimee Nolte Music

Aimee Nolte on YouTube. Hundreds of videos: performaces, piano lessons, scat lessons, tutorials and much much more! Enjoy

Comping On Sonny Rollins' "St. Thomas"


Some ideas about how to comp on this classic jazz standard, as well as a fun idea at the end of the video based on montuno rhythms. If you'd like the worksheet for that final idea, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll get it to you! Comping On Sonny Rollins' "St. Thomas"

Discovering Bill Evans Part 3: Danny Boy

Discovering Bill Evans Part 3: Danny Boy

In this video, we pick apart Bill's 1962 recording of Danny Boy from the album Empathy that he made with Shelly Manne and Monty Budwig. We uncover some important elements of his solo piano playing, as well as some insight into his trio playing. The most important element of this recording in my opinion is the way he makes you...........wait for it.

Footprints For Solo Piano

Footprints for solo piano

A fairly simple arrangement of the Wayne Shorter composition, Footprints, for solo piano. This arrangement teaches block style chords, harmonizing the melody in C dorian and F dorian, as well as utilizing triadic upper extensions.
"Footprints" is a jazz standard composed by Wayne Shorter, first appearing on his 1966 album Adam's Apple. The best-known recorded version is on the 1966 Miles Davis album Miles Smiles.

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Funk Piano Tutorial: Just The Two Of Us

As promised, a lesson about how to lay down a good funk groove on this classic pop tune. This video follows my Mini House a concert video from yesterday where I perform in this exact style.

Jazz Lesson: How To FREAKING SWING

Chances are, if you're a beginning jazzer, you don't swing yet. You may think that you do...but you probably don't yet! I was once you. This is how I learned to swing. Hope it helps all you future swingin cats.

Jazz Piano Comping With Open And Closed Voicings

Jazz Piano Comping With Open And Closed Voicings

Using the tune, "But Not For Me," I discuss open and close comping voicings for jazz piano. Email me if you would like a worksheet to go along with this video.

My LOAD Of Transcriptions (And How You Can Get Your Hands On Them)

Bill Evans - Aimee Nolte - Transcriptions

There was a time when I was a professional transcriber. Take a look at my collection of transcriptions with me, and find out how you can choose one! Many pianists, and SO MUCH BILL EVANS, including the complete solo piano transcriptions of "People" and "Danny Boy"

New Orleans Blues Piano Lick (Part 4)

Want to add some 16th notes to your blues playing, like a BOSS? Make sure you watch the other 3 videos first and then learn this lick that is sure to boost your blues game!

New Orleans Blues Riffs For Piano (Part 3)

Another swingin blues idea for you! This one fits with the others from parts 1 and 2, and is the perfect way to increase your Blues vocabulary. Key of G.

Rock piano tutorial

Rock piano tutorial

Make Friends And Get Dates By Playing Rock Piano! Part two of my How To Play Rock Piano series.

San Francisco Bay Blues - Performance and Tutorial

San Francisco Bay Blues - Performance and Tutorial

I have loved this ever since I heard it on Eric Clapton's Unplugged album. This is a bluesy, folk-roots style of piano playing I am working on, trying to imitate the guitar picking styles of old masters like Merle Travis.

The Coolest New Orleans Blues Piano Lick (Part 2)

The hippest, dirtiest Dr. John kind of New Orleans blues lick/fill you will ever learn. Key of G, but also very easy to modulate in C, F, and Bb with the same fingering!

The Most Amazing Bill Evans Chords

The Most Amazing Bill Evans Chords

Bill Evans was so creative in the way he chose voicings for chords. Let's take a close look at some of my favorite chord voicings from his playing and learn how we can improve our playing!

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