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Aimee Nolte Parking Lot Duet With Jason Neubauer

Aimee Nolte Parking Lot Duet With Jason Neubauer

Recorded June 27 in Niagara Falls from the hatchback of a Ford in the parking lot of Duffs Famous Wings with my friend, Jason who deserves mad props for doing this in his home town! Ha! I told him I had about 15 minutes to spare while my family ate their chicken wings inside and ordered for me, and he REALLY came prepared. We met in person for the first time in the restaurant, walked out to his car, and threw it down!

He asked what we should play, and I said, what about just a dirty blues and we quickly came up with this Stevie Ray Vaughan classic and went for it. Jason, being the wizard he is, took the audio from his phone and the video from mine and made it look much better than I ever thought possible. Thanks Jason!

Follow Jason's YouTube if you'd like to do me a little favor. He's trying to get it off the ground and it will be worth it if you are a fan of amazing rock guitar.

The audio and video equipment listed here:
PreSonus AudioBox iTwo recording interface‎
Using GarageBand for iOS on a iphone 7 plus
Shure SM58 microphone
Ibanez Acoustic
Filmed with a iphone 7 plus
Additional Video Editing with Sony Vegas Pro 13

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