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Up Till Now

Up Til Now

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Up Till NowCD REVIEW: Most young jazz artists would find it difficult to create a unique sound while simultaneously paying due homage to the greats. Aimee Nolte deftly pulls off such a balancing act, presenting jazz stylings that craftily capture the epic sound of America's jazz legends without smacking of mimicry.

Aimee's voice and instrumental prowess are superb and her lyrics draw you in with such power that by each songs end, you're left feeling as if you've been jerked and jostled on an emotional roller coaster. But Aimee doesn't attempt to be a one woman show; she allows the musicians that accompany her to shine in roles that are far from simply complimentary. Aimee is a fabulous artist and her CD is a gem! I highly recommend it to all music lovers. - Grover W. L. Alford, Jr.

Artwork by Joyce Nolte

Track list

  1. Alpine Field
  2. Up Til Now
  3. Losing Love
  4. Dear Tom
  5. You Give Love
  6. To Remember (For Miles And Ella)
  7. How Strong Is A Woman
  8. Afterthought
  9. The way It Was
  10. Mae (bonus track buying on this site)


  1. Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals, harmonica
  2. Joshua Payne: guitars
  3. Mitch Lee: drums, percussion
  4. Geoff Rayback: bass
  5. Natalie Rayback: violin
  6. Daniel Hoops: cello

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Aimee Nolte performs in duos, trios, and big bands as a jazz pianist and singer. Live performances



Up Till Now - 2005
Just Us - 2010 by Aimee Nolte & Hideaki Tokunaga