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How to Develop Relative Pitch

How to Develop Relative Pitch

Originally published on: Learn Jazz Standard By Brent Vaartstra

"Welcome to episode 60 of the LJS Podcast where today we have special guest jazz pianist and vocalist Aimee Nolte on the show to talk about developing relative pitch. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear a note being played and know exactly what it is, even if you don’t have perfect pitch? Aimee teaches us how. Listen in!"

In this episode

  1. How Aimee found out she has perfect pitch.
  2. How to define a note by discovering your “Perfect Pitch Jam.”
  3. How to take your Perfect Pitch Jam and use intervals and scales to discover new notes.
  4. The importance of being able to sing what you hear.
  5. Aimee puts Brent to the test with an ear training exercise

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