• Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Learn to play like a pro!
  • Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    Teaching: piano and jazz singing

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  • Teaching: jazz & pop

    Teaching: jazz & pop

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Aimee Nolte - Piano and singing teacher

Aimee Nolte

Aimee is quickly becoming a highly sought after educator in the jazz community, since launching her YouTube channel, Aimee Nolte Music.

She spent a 10 day stint as an instructor for the renowned vocal coach David Braid's VocalizeU camp in Malibu during the summer of 2016 and continues to teach clinics and master classes to students who want to learn to scat sing like serious jazz musicians and take their improvisation game to the next level. Aimee is available to teach Skype lessons on a limited basis. Please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Genius Jamtracks: My New Favorite App

I came across this app and it's helping me to be able to practice with different polyrhythms and feels and I'm very excited about it. Had to make a video. I hope you have as much fun as I've been having. It's (as the kids say) DOPE.

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Have You Met Miss Jones For Solo Piano

Here is a jazz tutorial to help improve the way you think about arranging standards. Using Have You Met Miss Jones, we build a solo piano arrangement, incorporating moving inner voices and using chromaticism. There is a work sheet to go along with this video and you can get it by writing to me.

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Discovering McCoy Tyner

Discovering McCoy Tyner

Using Mr. Tyner's playing from "My Favorite Things," this video looks at what a tempered, patient, calculated player he can be, and at the same time invent timeless melodies and demonstrate amazing technical prowess. I hope this video makes you an even bigger fan than you already were! Lesson available: Discovering McCoy Tyner worksheet

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How To Go About Learning The Bebop Language

I am answering questions from viewers in this lesson about how to go about learning to play in the bebop style. We discuss learning heads, and the advantages and disadvantage is to Charlie Parkers OmniBook. It's a little bit of philosophy and a little bit of preaching by me. :) Stick with me. I think these things are important.

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Jazz Lesson: How To FREAKING SWING

Chances are, if you're a beginning jazzer, you don't swing yet. You may think that you do...but you probably don't yet! I was once you. This is how I learned to swing. Hope it helps all you future swingin cats.

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A New Jazz Accompaniment Style For You

It's not really NEW, but it might be new to YOU. A contemporary rhythmic addition to your playing; the all-syncopated straight 8th style which originates from the Brazilian Polka style of guitar playing. Have fun with it and let me know if it was helpful to you!

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Aimee Nolte performs in duos, trios, and big bands as a jazz pianist and singer.



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