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    Praise From YouTube Fans

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  • Praise From YouTube Fans

    Praise From YouTube Fans

I just subscribed it yesterday, and to me, this is one of the most helpful of many insightful videos you've made. I love what you talk about in minute nine about the honesty of your favorite players because it's something I've often wanted to hear clearly stated. I think of Thelonius Monk, the way The way he chose and articulated notes was the way he created his own sound and techniques. I also really enjoy when you break down rhythms and demonstrate how to call a tune: you are so solid in your hearing of the groove. I want these skills for myself. Thanks for making these videos. It's giving me hope that I can change. I will gobble up anything you have to offer so I can make that transduction between what I hear inside and the sounds I play.
Simon L.



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