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Looking For The Answers

LOOKING FOR THE ANSWERS // Release date: April 12 // Pre-sale release date: March 15 \\ Party with Aimee: 15 April

Looking For The Answers - Aimee Nolte

LA Singer and pianist, Aimee Nolte's new album, “Looking For The Answers”, featuring her quartet (Mike Scott - Guitar, Bruce Lett - Bass, and James Yoshizawa - Drums), is Aimee’s third and most explorative album.
Looking For The Answers - Aimee Nolte The answers Nolte is searching for are easily discovered and possibilities opened up as she made the decision to unbridle herself from the reigns of "jazz" and compose and play whatever moved her deeply.
With solo numbers, driving latin grooves, intimate duets and elements of folk and popular music, Aimee has indeed, found the answers she set out to find, all-the-while, taking the listener with her.
John Clayton Bassist, John Clayton joins Nolte in a mind-blowing duet, dancing a dance of shared improvisation, and intense awareness.
Aimee is not only a talented jazz performer, but she has penned, arranged, and produced most of the new songs from the album. In addition to her original compositions,  jazz standards, such as Duke Ellington’s “All Too Soon” and Cole Porter’s “So In Love" add familiarity and a sense of history to the album. You'll experience exciting, soulful improvisations, beautiful and haunting new melodies, and lyrics that will take you by surprise and remind you of why you love life and music.

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Track List [click titles]

1. The Loveliest Girl

1. The Loveliest Girl
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Jason Neubauer: guitar
Bruce Lett: bass
Doug Webb: woodwinds
[Composer: Matthew Clark, Arranger: Aimee Nolte]

Spending afternoons together, a string of days with perfect weather, far too nice to stay inside.

Lying in the grass I looked up at him sitting next to me. He said the light was casting shadows under my nose.

The sun was running his fingers through my hair to make it glow. And I looked at him, and said I wanted to know what he was thinking about. So he told me this story...

I was born in the center of the sun. The product of a nuclear reaction. All the other sunbeams, we were all the same. Preparing ourselves, for the long and lonely journey into space.

I expected I would die 100 years from now, on the dark side of a desolate moon with nobody around. Imagine my surprise, when I went into her eyes, and down her nose, across her lips, across her toes, across her hips, and she was so...beautiful.

She was so...beautiful. But of all the light the sun gives off every second of the day, why was I lucky enough to fall upon the face of the loveliest girl?

2. Looking For The Answers

2. Looking For The Answers
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
Bruce Lett: bass
James Yoshizawa: drums
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

Wake up from your dreams
Come on, you Sleepy Head
And finish what you started here
Do not be afraid
I’m here to take your hand
I can see the end so clear

Why do you always go looking for the answers
So far from where you started,
Away from what you know?
And when you decide to come back to the beginning,
You know I’ll be there

You’re running out of time
You’re running out of air
Running to a place unknown
Go on and do your thing I will be right here
When you find your way back home

3. Falling Snow

3. Falling Snow
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
Bruce Lett: bass
James Yoshizawa: drums
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

I watch you walk away
Your footprints fill with snow
And icy silence falls upon my troubled heart

I wonder as you go
How time has changed the both of us
And all too soon is pulling us apart

I still remember how it felt to hold your tiny hand
And button up your coat on winter days
The wonder in your brown eyes as we looked for falling stars
The thrill we felt while watching passing trains
And even though you’re gone, I feel the same…
My boy, my Miles, my boy

But seasons have to change
And stars will fall and trains will pass
And little boys grow up and then they go

I’ll never understand
How time can fill our footprints
Just as softly as the gently falling snow

4. This One Hurts

4. This One Hurts
Aimee Nolte: prepared piano, vocals, vocal effects
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

When I’m all alone with my thoughts,
I will turn them all to you
It seems to be my habit in the night

Then I keep on painting pictures
Of how our lives could’ve been
Cause I haven’t learned just how to stop the fight

If you never hurt me, then I would’ve stayed
And I would have loved you, all of my days -
And if I still loved you, I’d change all the words
I’d write you a new song, instead of this one that hurts
In my dreams I still can see you
Even though it’s been awhile
I can feel the way you whispered in my ear

I step back, you pull me closer
I am crying in the night
And I think that you’re the only one who hears

You can never take it back, it’s my forgiveness you lack
And you can never take it away, I will always make you pay
And you can never take it back, it’s my forgiveness that you lack

And no you can never take it away, I will always make you pay

5. I Gotta Get

5. I Gotta Get
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
Bruce Lett: bass
James Yoshizawa: drums
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

It’s time for a party
Tonight we’re gonna boogie down
Transportation is ready
It’s time for the countdown

Meet me there at the station
We blast off at eight thirty
If you’re late we will wait for you
We’re not in any hurry

Destination unknown, leave your worries at home
On the Earth, far below - We’ve got a long way to go

I gotta get, I gotta get, I gotta get
I gotta get you off of my mind
I gotta get, I gotta get, I gotta get
I gotta get you out

6. Save Me One Last Time

6. Save Me One Last Time
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals, backing vocals, synth bass, organ
John Reilly: woodwinds
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

I’m watching as you fade into the past
I can’t believe it’s happening so fast
I’m stepping back into my empty life
I’m fighting through the silence of the night
I really messed it up this time

I drink away the pain most of the time
It’s what it takes to get you off my mind
I find it hard to face up to the truth
Cause I look into the mirror and there’s the proof
I know I broke your heart this time

And I am falling harder than I’ve ever fallen
Falling into nothing, and nothing’s all I’ve got
If I keep on falling, I’ll be lost forever
Save me one last time

There’s a part of you that wants a part of me, I know
It’s the rest of me that needs some working out for sure
Yeah, there’s a part of you that needs a part of me, I know
Take the best of me, the rest will come along

I really wish you’d even up the score
Cause maybe then I’d hate me even more
At least I’d know there’s something left to feel
You’re the only thing about me that’s for real
I think you’re gone for good this time

7. Bye Bye Blackbird

7. Bye Bye Blackbird
Aimee Nolte: Vocals
John Clayton: Bass
[Composers: Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon]

Pack up all my care and woe
Here I go, singing low
Bye-bye, blackbird

Where somebody waits for me
Sugar's sweet and so is he
Bye, bye, blackbird

No one here can love and understand me
Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me
Make my bed, light the light, I'll arrive late tonight
Blackbird, bye bye.

8. All Too Soon

8. All Too Soon
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
[Composer: Duke Ellington]

All too soon
We had to part
The moment you had touched my heart
And with you went my dream
All too soon

All too sweet
Was our affair
And you put all the sweetness there
What a shame that it's gone
All too soon

I knew the strange delights
That only you in love could bring
And as I reached the heights
The bottom fell from everything

You should know as well as I
Our love deserves another try
For we whispered goodbye
And all too soon

9. So In Love

9. So In Love
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
[Composer: Cole Porter]

Strange dear, but true dear
When I'm close to you, dear
The stars fill the sky
So in love with you am I
Even without you
My arms fold about you
You know darling why
So in love with you am I
In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there
In love with my joy delirious
When I knew that you could care
So taunt me, and hurt me
Deceive me, desert me
I'm yours, till I die.....
So in love.... So in love....
So in love with you, my love... am I....

10. You Should’ve

10. You Should’ve
Aimee Nolte: piano, vocals
Mike Scott: guitar
Bruce Lett: bass
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

You should’ve known, that I was much too young
You should’ve stopped yourself from coming on too strong
The loneliness you’d known, the time you’d spent alone
They were no excuse for the pain you put me through

You should’ve said I’m sorry
You should’ve thought to call me
You should’ve done it long ago
At least that much you owed me
My heart’s been broke a long time
And you’re the reason why
You should’ve said I’m sorry

You put your coat on
And hung your head in shame
You left me standing there
Blue eyes crying in the rain
You never told me why, you didn’t even try
Not one word of regret, and I can’t forgive you yet

11. For A While

11. For A While
Aimee Nolte: piano
[Composer: Aimee Nolte]

Instrumental track


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