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  • Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Learn to play like a pro!
  • Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    On line video lessons with Aimee Nolte on YouTube
  • Teaching: jazz & pop

    Teaching: jazz & pop

    Learn to play and sing the standards with Aimee!
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How To Build And Notate Chords

How To Build And Notate Chords

I'm so sorry that the audio cuts out. Here is the missing audio transcribed: * Alright now we're talking about diminished chords. You can draw two boxes, we'll have a minor 3rd on top, and a minor 3rd on the bottom. And we can come over here and just flat that 5th degree, g flat, and we've got a minor third there, and a minor 3rd there. * A very simple video to demonstrate how to find the notes of chords in root position (using the key of C as an example) and how to write them down, or notate them, and be able to recognize them in your reading of music. If you'd like to support me, you can do so here:

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